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ninite - trustworthy installer
Simple: choose & install your tools. No extras, toolbars, and so on - stay up-to-date!
It is VITAL to keep your non-Microsoft software up to date too - safe + private searching
Tired of tracking and ads? Use a better search tool

surf safe step 0 - alternate browser
Get another browser and reduce your risk

surf safe step 1 - block scripts
Add this to palemoon or firefox and never get infected via web sites

surf safe step 2 - stop tracking me
Squash tracking tools, increase your privacy

adblock plus - keep ads away
This tool works in Internet Exploder, Palemoon (Firefox), and other browsers

ublock origin - block ads + badguys
Excellent tool to stay clean and safe in Chrome or Palemoon (Firefox)

Windows 10 - option A
Stop telemetry and so on

Windows 10 - option B
Stop telemetry and spying

Download EDI Claim Manager
Get the best claim tool in this galaxy

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